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Beano Boost

 Beano Boost
Цена : 1.00 руб


Тип устройства: Бустер (Booster)
Производство: США

BEANO BOOST features: Analog Man Beano Boost features:
True Bypass switching with minimal popping.
LED for on/off status
NOS Germanium Transistor chosen for low noise and best tone.
Three-way toggle switch for tone selection:
Middle: "HI" Standard Dallas Rangemaster tone, treble enhanced.
Up: MIDs, more of a full range boost, great for Fender guitars!
Down: LOW, more bassy setting.
Optional PUSH PULL volume pot allows two tone settings:
Down: "HI" Standard Dallas Rangemaster tone, treble enhanced.
Up: MIDS, more of a full range boost, great for Fender guitars!
* This can be reversed at order time if desired, or changed to Full and Bass settings.
Volume Control allows substantial boost.
Can boost volume quite a bit. Has about the same output level ON and OFF with the vol knob set at 9:00. At 11:00 there is about a 10dB boost, which sounds twice as loud.

At 12:00 there is a 13dB boost, and up all the way is about an 18dB boost which is nearly twice as loud as it was at 11:00.
Durable Grey Hammertone (like original) powdercoated cast alloy case.
Circuit hand-wired point to point like the original. No circuit board used. I won't claim this is better than using a quality circuit board, but it works very well for this pedal. It does takes us more time to build them.
All can use a 9V Battery, a Boss style power jack is optional for $10.
This pedal uses only 5mA of power when on (LED) and barely any power when off (under .2mA!) so the battery will last hundreds of hours.
It is the ultimate to run the BEANO BOOST directly into the input of your tube amp, with no buffers (i.e. tuners, or non-true bypass pedals) between them. But they will sound good almost anywhere in your signal chain.
Price will be $165 initially, to allow most any guitarist to enjoy the tone and reliability of this pedal.

This pedal works AWESOME with our SUNFACE fuzz too! See our SUN LION for a combination Sunface and Beano in one pedal.

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