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Fox Rox ZIM

Fox Rox ZIM
Цена : 1.00 руб


Производство: США

ZIM is 2 independent true-bypass effects in one pedal. Channel A has it's own Drive and Volume knobs, and an internal tone trimmer. It also has it\'s own Input and Output jacks. Channel B has all of the same features, with the addition of a special voicing circuit that offers 8 selectable stages of non-sweeping phase shift with the ability to boost or cut the selected range of frequencies. This adds up to a total of 16 different distinct voices from Ch B (17 if you include Ch B with the voicing off). Switching jacks are used to provide a normal connection from Channel A\'s out jack to Channel B\'s input jack, making it so you don\'t have to manually patch the two overdrives together. Features Linear taper volume pots: Instead of using traditional "Audio" or "Log" taper pots for the Volume controls, ZIM uses "Linear" taper pots. What's the difference you ask? In most cases audio taper pots allow a very small range of use. Usually, any setting outside of the 12:00 to 3:00 range is unusable. With Linear pots, the usable range is spread out to more of the pot's rotation. This takes a little getting used to, but it makes much more sense and makes it easier to dial in the right setting. Due to this different taper, the normal setting for ZIM's volume pots will occur at a lower setting, more around the 11:00 area. Detented pots: To take it a step further, ZIM uses detented pots. The Drive and Volume pots each have 11 detents, little bumps that you feel as you turn the pot. The detents make it easier to find settings and stick with them. It's easy to set the pots between detents if it's needed. And on the DEPTH pot there is a center detent. When that pot is in the center, the voicing section is essentially off, so a center detent works nicely. 9 VDC: 9 Volts, DC, 35mA current draw. 9V battery or power adaptor. Connector - Center pin Negative. 2.1mm barrel. Can be run up to +18VDC. Ch A Input jack: Acts as main input. Battery switching done at ring connection. Ch A Output jack: Available for patching between A and B. When in use, connection to Drive B is broken. Ch B Input jack: Available as independent B input, or as a return from whatever A output was patched to. A wah wah pedal works great between Ch A and Ch B! Ch B Output jack: Acts as main output.
Ch A Drive: Controls the amount of overdrive on channel A.
Ch A Volume: Controls the amount of volume on channel A
Ch B Drive: Controls the amount of drive on channel B
Ch B Volume: Controls the amount of volume for channel B
Voice: 8 positions. Selects 1 through 8 filter stages for the desired voicing effect. This works in conjunction with the DEPTH control. When DEPTH is in the center, VOICE settings will make no difference. Selection #1 works well for basic bass/treble adjustments.
Depth: Takes the filter stage selected by the Voice knob and sums it with the drive B signal either positive or negative. CUT - cuts the selected frequency range for a hollow type of sound. BOOST - boosts the selected frequency range for a fat sound.
Center detent disables the Voice feature. On any given Voice setting, Boost and Cut have drastically different sounds. This adds up to a total of 16 available voices. Extreme depth settings (full cw or ccw) can sound very "boxy", only useful under special circumstances.
Bypass A: True bypass for overdrive A. When A is active, green LED is lit up.
Bypass B: True bypass for overdrive B. When B is active, red LED is lit up.
Size: Width = 5 1/2” Depth = 5” Height = 3”
When planning space on a pedal board, add 1” to the depth if you're using right angle plugs, add 2” if you're using straight plugs. Also, the Height measurement of 3” represents the overall height, from the bottom of the rubber feet to the top of the knobs. If you plan on removing the rubber feet for mounting purposes, subtract 1/2”.
Weight: 2.7 Lbs.

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