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Тип устройства Блок питания (PowerSupplies)
Производство Denmark CIOKS
Заголовок браузера CIOKS CIOKOLATE
Ключевые слова CIOKS CIOKOLATE


CIOKOLATE Features: 16 outlets configured in 12 isolated sections two toroidal transformers with additional magnetic field shielding four powerful DC sections, three with 400mA each and one with 600mA two powerful AC sections with 800mA each and voltages 9, 12 and 16V AC two 15V outlets for Radial Tonebone pedals possibility of 18 or 24V from a single outlet will power a 40V pedal with Stack Flex one outlet with adjustable voltage in the range 4-15V short circuit protection of all outlets advanced LED monitoring of each section temperature monitoring 120 or 230V mains voltage operation a total of 24 Flex cables included Split Flex and 3-way Daisy chain Flex both for powering more than one pedal of a single outlet included Stack Flex and Serial Adapter Flex for powering a 18, 24 or 40V pedals using two isolated outlets included Flex cable for Electro-Harmonix vacuum tube pedals included durable enclosure with bottom made of 1.3mm steel for stability and 2.0mm aluminium top for better cooling and lower weight silent microprocessor controlled fan to ensure optimal operating temperature for long term reliability complete mounting kit for pedal boards included (two mounting brackets and all the needed screws are included, no need for taller feet with PT-3 or PT-PRO) Specifications: Outlet 1: 4-15V DC adjustable / 100mA Outlet 2-4: 9V DC / 100mA each Outlet 5: 18 or 24V DC / 100mA Outlet 6-7: 9 or 12V DC / 200mA each Outlet 8-9: 9 or 12V DC / 400mA each Outlet 10-11: 9 and 12 or 15V DC / 400mA Outlet 12-13: 9 and 12 or 15V DC / 600mA* Outlet 14: 9 or 12V AC / 800mA* Outlet 15-16: 9, 12 or 16V AC / 800mA * only one of these two sections can be used Size: 292x98x35mm (excl. rubber feet) Weight: 1,6 kg Order number: C16 CIOKS CIOKOLATE - Professional power supply for effect pedals with 16 outlets