Schizophrenic link

Schizophrenic link
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Тип устройства Блок питания (PowerSupplies)
Производство CIOKS
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Schizophrenic link Power Supply The new CIOKS Schizophrenic link is a small sized power supply for effect pedals with a versatility yet not seen in such a small unit. It has 6 isolated outlets and offers voltages 9, 12 and 18V with no need of special Flex cables. The first two outlets can be set to 18V, where the last two are configurable to 12V. If needed all 6 outlets will give you 9V DC in the default position of the settings switch with a total max. output current of 1.000mA. Outlets 1 and 2 can individually be set to either 9 or 18V. Each of these two will power any MXR/Dunlop pedal, which needs 18V, and most of the Pigtronix ones. The few Pigtronix pedals, which need more than 100mA @ 18V like PolySaturator, Disnortion or the FAT Drive, you can power by using outlets 1 & 2 the Parallel adapter Flex followed by a standard black type 1 Flex. All dirt pedals, which can take 18V and usually draw less than 100mA, can be powered by one of the outlets 1 or 2. These two outlets can of course also be used to power standard 9V pedals in the default setting. Outlets 3 and 4 delivering max.200mA at 9V DC are each able to power medium current draw pedals like BOSS DD-20 or CE-20, the digital ones from EHX like Freeze, Cathedral, Citar or the RingThing, tc electrinic Flashback X4 Delay and all the Strymons excl. TimeLine and Mobius just to mention a few. The last two outlets also put out max. 200mA each, but here you can individually choose the voltage for each outlet to either 9 or 12V. These two outlets, when set to the default 9V, will also power the pedals mentioned just before. In the 12V setting outlets 5 and 6 will each power one 4-button Line6 modeling pedal like ex. the DL4. You can power four medium current draw pedals at voltages 9 or 12V using CIOKS Schizophrenic link outlets 3-6. CIOKS Schizophrenic link is also able to power two high current pedals. Outlets 5 & 6 when usingwith Parallel adapter Flex will power one tc electronic Nova, tc Helicon or one Eventide pedal, when both outlets are set to 12V. Both Strymon TimeLine and Mobiuscan be powered with Schizophrenic link by using two Parallel adapter Flex and outlet pairs 3 & 4 plus 5 & 6 still having outlets 1 and 2 free for other low current pedals. Two Eventides, one Eventide and one Nova or one Strymon and one Nova or Strymon TimeLine and Mobius are also possible options. Older EHX pedals like ex. the Q-Tron, the Worm, Micro Synthesizer, Deluxe Memory Man or Electric Mistress, where the original adapter was unregulated 24V will be powered correctly with a series connection of 18V and 9V. You should use the Series adapter Flex followed by the green type 4 Flex connected to outlet 1 set to 18V and outlet 2 at the default 9V setting. Combining outlets 3 and 4 using the Series adapter Flex will give you enough current at 18V to power the older EHX POG or Holier Grail. Courtesy AC mains outlet and link feature This power supply, like the other two from CIOKS link range, features a courtesy AC mains outlet. The unique position of the courtesy outlet and the AC mains input allows you to link two or more units together by means of an adapter as shown on the pictures on the right. In this way you can power two or three power supplies just with one single mains power cord. You can combine different power supplies to obtain a custom power bank matching your specific needs. The courtesy AC mains outlet can of course be used for other purposes than linking products from CIOKS link range. The last unit in the chain will always have the courtesy outlet free to your disposition. Pedal board mounting Five threaded holes in the bottom of the power supply are positioned in a way to allow easy attaching of the unit to a pedal board. Especially with Pedaltrain boards both top and underneath mounting is possible using just two or three screws. All the needed parts are included. The only thing you have to do is to drill either two or three holes in the pedal board NEW!!! Mounting of CIOKS link range power supply to a Pedaltrain pedal board is a step-by-step do it yourself guide on how to attach a link range power supply underneath a Pedaltrain pedal board. In case you've misplaced the product sheet of your unit, which also functions as a drill template, please download the drill template as pdf file here. Features: 6 isolated outlets with 9, 12 or 18V two outlets configurable to 18V short circuit protection of all outlets advanced LED monitoring of each outlet 120 or 230V mains voltage operation detachable mains power cord courtesy AC mains outlet CIOKS unique mains link feature 9 Flex cables included very easy mounting to pedal boards durable steel enclosure with 2mm thick top Specifications: Outlet 1-2: 9 or 18V DC / 100mA each Outlet 3-4: 9V DC / 200mA each Outlet 5-6: 9 or 12V DC / 200mA each Size: 130x88x39mm (excl. detachable rubber feet) Weight: 1,0kg Order number: SCH CIOKS Schizophrenic link - Power supply for effect pedals with 6 isolated outlets