Dark Peppermint Fuzz

 Dark Peppermint Fuzz
Педаль эффектов фузз.
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Тип устройства Фузз (Fuzz)
Производство США
Заголовок браузера Analog.man Dark Peppermint Fuzz
Ключевые слова Analog.man Dark Peppermint Fuzz
Описание Analog.man Dark Peppermint Fuzz - фузз


The DARK Peppermint fuzz is similar but uses some darker sounding transistors. They are the same model but a different brand. The basic sound is similar but not quite as bright. There is more difference with the extreme sounds, the DARK version is not as sitar like, it is fatter and can get a sort of trumpet sound when backing off the volume control. I will soon put up some sound samples comparing them.

The Dark Peppermint fuzz has a light flourescent BLUE coating over the pedal. It glows slightly under flourescent lights.