Peppermint Fuzz

 Peppermint Fuzz
Педаль эффектов фузз.
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Тип устройства Фузз (Fuzz)
Производство США
Заголовок браузера Peppermint Fuzz
Ключевые слова Peppermint Fuzz
Описание Peppermint Fuzz - фузз


There were some nasty, buzzy fuzz pedals made in the mid 1960s. Some examples are the Mosrite Fuzzrite, Maestro Fuzz Tone, Jordan Bosstone, Kay fuzz, etc. We found some super high gain germanium transistors in late 2006 that could be tuned to get those sounds so we are finally able to offer a few hundred of these pedals, which we named the PEPPERMINT FUZZ in tribute to the song INCENSE AND PEPPERMINTS which features this very sound. It can also be used for some later punk rock sounds like the Stooges, etc. And can do a decent late 60s Fuzzface sound if dialed in properly.