Fox Rox Captain Coconut

Fox Rox Captain Coconut
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Тип устройства Октавер (Octaver)
Производство США
Заголовок браузера Fox Rox Captain Coconut
Ключевые слова Fox Rox Captain Coconut
Описание Fox Rox Captain Coconut - октавер


Octave effect - Classic octave doubler fuzz. Get that "Purple Haze", "One rainy wish" upper octave effect. Earthy, fluty tone. Just like the Tycobrahe Octavia. Provibe effect - Original vibe effect. Lush 3-D phasing chorus effect for that "Machine Gun", "Bridge of Sighs" swishy vibe sound. Center control allows you to dial in all the greatest vibe tones. Switch selects between CHORUS and VIBRATO modes. Just like the Univibe. FuzzFoot effect - Classic British Germanium PNP circuit with some much needed improvements. Sounds great with wah wah pedal. Get all the greatest fuzz sounds with GRIT knob for variable sputter. Cleans up great with guitar volume knob. Ultimate version of classic Fuzzface effect.