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Тип устройства Октавер (Octaver)
Производство США
Заголовок браузера Fox Rox OCTRON
Ключевые слова Fox Rox OCTRON
Описание Fox Rox OCTRON - октавер


OCTRON is all analog, it's not a digital pitch shifter. You won't get that cheesy harmonizer sound. Instead, it's an organic analog effect that responds to your playing style/technique. And takes on a new life when you put it though other effects and crank it up! Octave up, down, clean with a little of each mixed... you can dial in just a hint of octave or you can make OCTRON your octave monster! (check out the clip below).
Octave Down - It's an octave divider in the tradition of Mutron/BOSS OC2/DOD Octoplus/etc... It tracks your dynamics and has more pre-divide gain and filtering. The result is probably the best tracking you'll ever get from an analog octave divider. Ultimately the tracking is most dependent on playing technique. Articulate playing tracks well, sloppy playing doesn't.
Octave up - It's a high gain circuit that uses a pair of germanium diodes to get the octave doubling effect. There's an internal drive/gain trimmer and a tone trimmer, so you can dial in octave sounds that range from pseudo-clean to screaming and bright. The upper octave is present at all parts of the neck, but it becomes most prevalent as you go up the neck on the high strings. Up around the 10th fret and higher you can get a pure upper octave.