Fox Rox Paradox TZF

Fox Rox Paradox TZF
Педаль эффектов фленджер.
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Тип устройства Фленджер (flanger)
Производство США
Заголовок браузера Fox Rox Paradox TZF
Ключевые слова Fox Rox Paradox TZF
Описание Fox Rox Paradox TZF - фленджер


An all-analog (BBD) flanger that is capable of Though-Zero-Flanging. All conventional flangers sweep up and down, but never over the top. In order to go over the top, their delay chips would have to be capable of negative delay, which means traveling into the future! By skipping over the threads in the fabric of time, Paradox TZF is capable of doing what no other flanger pedal can do: Through-Zero-Flanging. With Paradox TZF, you don\'t need to manipulate the speeds of multiple playback decks during mix-down in order to get the elusive \"Through-Zero-Flanging\" effect.